Best Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp!

Arabian Nights is a traditional Wadi Rum Bedouin camp, operated by our family, descended from generations of local nomadic Bedouins. We are fortunate to live in this picturesque desert referred to as ‘Valley of the Moon’ by tourists, as it feels like another planet. Located in Southern Jordan, between Petra and Aqaba, and less than 4 hours drive from Amman. Reserve your stay and book tours with us during your trip to Wadi Rum.  

The camp is located in a quiet valley with stunning views. The location seems isolated, however it is only a short 10km drive off-road from the Rest House in Wadi Rum Village. The location has quiet surroundings day and night, allowing a genuine desert experience. Arabian Nights is in the red desert featuring high red sandstone cliffs, but only a short distance from the wilderness area of the white desert. The location of the camp is in the valley east of Khazali, 2km south of Little Bridge as identified on the Wadi Rum Tourist Map.

Discover authentic Bedouin culture

Wadi Rum is famous for its Bedouin camps and nomad tents, therefore don’t miss the chance to stay with locals. Our traditional tents have a scenic layout within the camp that provides comfort both in our social and private areas. Every tent has amazing views through the valley, another signature appeal of our location. The camp has a communal atmosphere and we gather together for meals, entertainment and socialising with guests. The camp revolves around the communal tent, as is the case in Bedouin culture, where we drink tea, eat meals, share stories and interact. However, you will also have the solitude of your own private tent.

Desert silence and tranquility

During the day, the camp is quiet and relaxing, perfect to enjoy the peaceful desert in its warmest hours. A contrast to the liveliness of the cities of Jordan! At night it is a place of magic as the isolated camp shows off the magnificent stars. It is one of the worlds best stargazing locations, with clear skies year round, an altitude above 1000m and no light pollution. 

Wadi Rum Bedouin camps are a unique experience offering an insight into local custom that is difficult to otherwise find. We are an authentic and comfortable Bedouin camp, and our families have lived in the Wadi Rum valley for generations. All your hosts are born and raised in the surrounding desert. You will have the opportunity to learn from our intimate knowledge of the land and from being exposed to our culture. The in camp restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are traditional to the region, with dinners cooked in our Bedouin Zarb (underground oven). We share meals together in our communal tent at set times which is an important tradition in our nomadic customs.

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camps have varied offerings. Arabian Nights has western bathrooms with hot running water. The camp is kept clean and we operate tours for our guests. There are 3 levels of accommodation to choose between: luxury tents with private bathroom and balcony, private traditional tents and the dormitory. There are also options for camping under the stars.

Western comfort meets bedouin culture

Arabian Nights maintains traditional elements while providing comfort for our visitors. All guests are welcome to feel as if they are part of the family and use all of our camps facilities. We serve all meals and have a live in chef. The camp is kept clean and we operate tours for our guests. We are open year round, but make sure you pick the best time for your interests.

The camp is strategically located near to the major natural attractions of the UNESCO listed Wadi Rum Protected Area. An English speaking Bedouin guide will take you to visit the best of the Wadi Rum desert, often compared to Mars. See all the attractions, with: viewpoints, red sandstone cliffs, canyons, rock arches, sand dunes, Lawrence of Arabia sights and more with our open top jeep tour. Plan your trip in Wadi Rum with options by foot, camel and half or full day 4×4 tour.

Wadi Rum has various options for those that have a few days to enjoy with us here in the desert. We have prepared some packages for people to consider during their visit. If you have more time, we enjoy relaxing in the quiet of the desert during the day and sharing stories around the campfire while watching the stars at night. For visitors with limited time in Jordan, ensure that you enjoy at least one night in a traditional camp and a 4×4 tour to see the highlights of Wadi Rum. Please join us for a unique cultural experience that will create memories that you will never forget.

We hope you stay with us during your Jordan travels! See our reviews and prices online.