Wadi Rum camp private bedouin tents

Our Camp maintains a traditional feeling for our guests. We have Bedouin Tents with private bathrooms in addition to simple traditional tents. We offer extensive facilities so that all of our guests enjoy their visit to Wadi Rum.

  • Private ensuite bathroom
  • King size bed (queen and 2 singles in family tent)
  • Panoramic view from your bed
  • Private deck with relaxing chairs
  • Added insulation on all exterior walls
  • Fans for ventilation
  • Black out curtains
  • Bedouin style decor and premium furnishings
  • Views from your bed
  • Comfortable queen size bed with fresh linen
  • Western standard shared bathroom facilities
  • Authentic Bedouin fabric tents with traditional design
  • Shared sleeping tent for a social environment
  • Bunk beds with storage for each guest
  • Economic option to stay in an authentic bedouin camp

Comfort and authentic experience for everyone!

Our Bedouin Camp was carefully considered to ensure you have a memorable experience. The location is picturesque with some of the Protected Areas best views. The camp is at the base of an imposing sandstone cliff. Guest tents are in a formation similar to the main plaza in Jerash. Each tents location ensures views from your bed in addition to a comfortable feeling for the overall camp layout.

The location is particularly appealing because of the soft fine red sand. The sheltered cove within the Wadi Rum Protected Area offers respite from the desert winds and the harsh daytime sun. The structures within the camp are both stone and fabric Bedouin tents. The bathroom and kitchen are stone, the traditional Bedouin tents are fabric and the deluxe and communal tents combine both elements.

All tents feature traditional Bedouin fabrics of the highest quality from Syria to ensure an exceptional guest experience. Woven goats hair has been used by Bedouins for construction of their tents for generations. This material is typical to the region and is used on the outside of the tents as they are strong and resistant to the UV. Red coloured, geometrically patterned Bedouin fabrics decorate the inside of tents and is instantly recognisable. For centuries these fabrics have been used in the region and provide for an authentic and pleasant experience for visitors. Between these layers is canvas to ensure additional weather proofing.

There are 3 types of Bedouin tents available in our camp to cater to the interests of our guests. We have 3 deluxe tents with the highest level of comfort available in any traditional camp in Wadi Rum. There are 6 traditional tents which offer an authentic experience of the highest quality. Finally we offer a large dormitory tent to cater to climbers and budget travellers who want to experience our culture and hospitality at a minimal cost.

We endeavour to offer guests both the experience of desert tranquillity and to benefit from a cultural interaction. As such we believe that it is critical to offer a Bedouin camp experience that is intimate. To ensure this we maintain a small camp and maintain maximum interaction between ourselves and our guests. When you arrive to Wadi Rum you will experience a small secluded camp and enjoy the serenity and authenticity as a result.

Please select the room type that appeals to you for further details and prices:

Communal Bedouin Tent open in desert heat of summer day Wadi Rum
Typical Bedouin Tent with seating and geometrically patterned fabrics
Bedouin camp at base of sandstone cliffs

Visit and experience for yourself our superior offering.