Where can you get a covid PCR test in Jordan?

The government (ministry of health) updates a list of approved locations for covid testing – https://corona.moh.gov.jo/ar/page/1057/Laboratories. The site is only available in Arabic, however the list is provided at the bottom of this page in English. All locations can be found on google maps.

Covid testing process

Various different facilities have opened, predominantly in Amman. Home visits are possible as well as testing within the lab test sites. Although many sites have become available the drive through sites are advised as they limit contact between patients.

Drive through facilities have been created for efficient mass testing without interaction between patients. Process takes around 15 minutes in total with registration and sample. Appointments are not possible at these locations and waiting time is minimal.

Cost of Covid testing in Jordan

The government has set a price range for PCR test in Jordan to between JOD25 and JOD30. The health ministry monitors test sites and all prices should fall within this range. Most commonly each test is JOD28.

How long to get PCR results

Results are provided same day, usually within a few hours of the test taking place. Each laboratory has its own procedure but most provide results sent by PDF. Results are communicated through either SMS, whatsapp or email. Check with your chosen lab the available options for receiving results.

Where can I get a PCR test?

The majority of labs are located in Amman, and although some do call outs to nearby locations, there are no labs in the surrounding provinces. Aqaba also has a number of labs available and is the primary location for testing in the south of the country. Wadi Musa is the single location outside of these major centres that has a lab that may be useful for tourists and is in the list below.

Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Covid test locations in Jordan

Currently test sites are primarily located in Amman. Arrivals at Queen Alia Airport in Amman are being tested by #3 Quest Lab. Arrivals at King Hussein Airport in Aqaba are being tested by #4 Bio Lab. Some of the larger laboratories have multiple locations.

Testing outside of Amman has not developed with most people required to travel to larger centers. Aqaba has testing facilities and for people looking for test locations near to Amman it is advisable to contact the larger laboratory networks for a call out as they perform home tests. Links have been provided to the 3 most prominent networks which have several locations in Amman and Aqaba. There is also a link to the business details of the only laboratory outside of these cities located near the Petra archeological site.

List of approved laboratories for coronavirus testing

1- Precision medical laboratories

2- MedLabs Medical Laboratory

3- Quest Lab – facilitate testing on arrival at Queen Alia airport in  Amman

4- Biolab Medical Laboratory – facilitate testing on arrival at King Hussein airport in Aqaba

5- Sultan Laboratories

6- Bio-Life Lab

7- Molecular laboratories, Dalab

8- Megalap laboratory

9- Jossanti Laboratory

10- Alpha Lab

11- Unilab laboratories

12- Judges’ specialized laboratories

13- Diamond sparkle for medical laboratories

14- Medical Geno Palace Laboratory (Gino Lab)

15- Jordan Biocells Laboratory (Biocell)

16- Jerusalem Jewel Laboratory (Arc Lab)

17- Zaid Medical Laboratories (Nony Lab)

18- Pulse of Life Medical Laboratory

19- Smart laboratories for medical analysis

20- Medical Attention Laboratory

21- Medical Proficiency Standard Laboratory (Team Lab)

22- Bistar medical laboratory

23- Oman Specialized Laboratories

24- Diamond Glow Medical Laboratories

25- Jaffa Medical Laboratories

26- Trust laboratories for medical analysis


28- Al-Hakam Laboratories for medical analysis

29- Labcom Medical Laboratory (LABCOM)

30- International laboratories for medical technology

31- Hijjawi Labs

32- Platinum Medical Laboratory

33- Shams Laboratory for medical analysis

List of approved hospitals for coronavirus testing

1- Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital Laboratory

2- Islamic Hospital Laboratory

3- Al Isra Hospital Laboratory

4- Specialized Hospital Laboratory

5- Al-Istiqlal Hospital Laboratory

6- Jordan Hospital Laboratory

7- Laboratory of Al-Khaldi Center Hospital

8- The Royal Hospital Laboratory

9- Arab Medical Center Lab

10- Al-Amal Hospital Clinics Laboratory for Obstetrics and Gynecology

11- Istishari Hospital Laboratory

12- Gardens Hospital Laboratory

13- Laboratory of Mount of Olives Hospital

14- Abdali Hospital Medical Laboratory

15- Al Rashid Hospital Laboratory

16- Irbid Specialist Hospital’s laboratory

17- Laboratory of Marka Specialized Islamic Hospital


Wadi Musa Location

  1. Al Wateen Medical Lab