It’s easy to see how this landmark gets its name—the Mushroom Rock stands boldly out against the flat grounds surrounding it, rounded head perched on top of stone stem. Its odd formation is completely natural: over centuries of wind and rain, the softer layers of sedimentary rock at the base of the structure eroded much more quickly compared to the hardened layers at the top. This spot also signifies something other than an amazing photo opportunity—a sheltered area where guests stop for lunch halfway through our full-day tour! See if you can find any mushrooms in your stew to match the one in the desert.

Mushroom Rock is visited on the full day tour and is one of the locations furthest from the Village and Camp. It is nearby for climbers or guests who are taking a scrambling tour of Burdah Rock Bridge. The GPS Coordinates are 29.518054N, 35.493502E.



  1. Natural formation of soft sedimentary layers of rock below being eroded by wind and rain faster than the harder layers on top.
  2. This is essentially the same process that creates the rock bridges.