There are a variety of hiking opportunities in the region including short walks through canyons, multi-day walks through the valley and ascents to one of the many peaks in the area. Depending on the time of year, the timing of these journeys is important but we can help you customise your journey to suit your preferences. As well as simple walks there are also more complicated routes which require more technical scrambling.

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Hiking half day

Half Day hiking tours are designed dependent on time of day and capabilities of guests, we have a variety of routes through the most scenic parts of the desert.

Recommended route:

Jebel Hash – difficulty 2/5

Price: JOD40* per person

[3ppl – JOD30 each, 4ppl+ – JOD25 each]

Hiking 1 day

Walk from Wadi Rum Village passing destinations including Lawrence Spring, Red Sand Dune, Kazali Canyon, Small Rock Arch Bridge and arrive in the camp by dusk. Tour includes guide and explanation of ancient inscriptions and history and significance of each site.

Includes: English speaking guide and lunch

Price: JOD55* per person

[3ppl – JOD45 each, 4ppl+ – JOD35 each]

Hiking 2 day

Includes the 1 day tour combined with a second day walking to Um Fruth Rock Arch, this route involves travelling through some of the less frequented areas of the protected area and includes lunch in a narrow valley pass.

Includes: English speaking guide and lunch

Price: JOD95* per person

[3ppl – JOD75 each, 4ppl+ – JOD50 each]

*minimum 2 people for hiking activities

**There are more rigourous trekking options below that require scrambling for guests who prefer more demanding activities.

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Half Day Scrambling:

Recommended Routes –

Um Ad Dami Peak – difficulty 3/5

Burdah Rock Bridge – difficulty 3/5

Rakhabat Canyon – difficulty 4/5

Half day: JOD40 per person*

[3ppl – JOD30 each, 4ppl+ – JOD25 each]

Full day: JOD55 per person* 

[3ppl – JOD45 each, 4ppl+ – JOD35 each]

*minimum 2 people for scrambling activities

**Full day scrambling includes lunch

There are a huge variety of scrambling options for all skill levels, time constraints and interests, we can help you customise a plan that suits you. Some of the highlight options for your reference include.


Full Day Activities with Scrambling:

  1. Jebel Hash combined with standard half day 4×4 tour
  2. Burdah Rock Bridge combined with modified half day 4×4 tour
  3. Rakhabat Canyon combined with standard half day 4×4 tour
  4. Um Ad Dami ascent combined with Wadi Sabet, Cow Rock, Al Qattar & Nuqra
  5. Jebel Hash combined with Burdah Rock Bridge