Trekking, Hiking & Scrambling

There are a variety of hiking opportunities in the region including short walks through canyons, multi-day walks through the valley and ascents to one of the many peaks in the area. Depending on the time of year, the timing of these journeys is important but we can help you customise your journey to suit your preferences. As well as simple walks there are also more complicated routes which require more technical scrambling.

We are able to customise activities of any length to suit guests interests, however, in general we try to structure guests visits with half days if physical activity and half days of more leisurely activities. If you feel you can cope with the dry hot desert conditions and want to explore what is required for full day or multi day active programs please contact us by email, otherwise below are some of our recommendations for rewarding half day activities combines with enjoyable sightseeing options.

Bedouin and tourist enjoying the view inWadi Rum

Half Day Itineraries


Half Day hiking tours are designed dependent on time of day and capabilities of guests, we have a variety of routes through the most scenic parts of the desert.

Recommended route: Jebel Hash – difficulty 1/5

Includes: English speaking guide

Price: JOD40* per person

[3ppl – JOD30 each, 4ppl+ – JOD25 each]

*minimum 2 people for hiking activities


Scrambling activities are more rigorous and require use of your hands in some sections, we have a variety of half day options dependent on your interests.

Recommended Route:

Burdah Rock Bridge – difficulty 2/5

Burdah is the highest rock arch in the Protected Area, it can be viewed from a distance in 2 prominent locations however it is very popular to ascent to the bridge where you are able to walk across it.

Alternative Options:

Umm Ad Dami Peak – difficulty 3/5

The highest point in Jordan with views over Saudi Arabia, this climb has areas with lose rocks and follows a ridge line that takes you to a peak marked by the Jordanian flag where you can see vast distances in all directions.

Rakhabat Canyon – difficulty 5/5

Technical climb which requires confidence to approach and traverses a crack that runs between two valleys. You emerge at the end high above Wadi Rum Village where you descend to the hub below.

Half day: JOD40 per person*

[3ppl – JOD30 each, 4ppl+ – JOD25 each]

*minimum 2 people for scrambling activities

*There are a huge variety of scrambling options for all skill levels, time constraints and interests, we can help you customise a plan that suits you. We encourage guests to couple half days of physical activity with half days of sightseeing, if you feel that you are aware of the challenges and want something more rigorous please inquire within.

Some of our highlight full day options for your reference are listed below.

Bedouin looking up at cliffs in Wadi Rum desert

Full Day Activities with Scrambling

1. Burdah Rock Bridge combined with modified half day 4×4 tour

Our top pick for guests who want to do some physical activity, are game to scramble up a few rocks to see the highest rock arch in the Protected Area and also see some of the highlights of Wadi Rum.

2. Um Ad Dami ascent combined with Wadi Sabet, Cow Rock, Al Qattar & Nuqra

This is a great option for visitors who are not so interested in the main attractions but want to get out and see some of the less visited Protected Area, culminating in an ascent to the highest point in Jordan, right along the border where you will have views over Saudi Arabia.

3. Jebel Hash combined with standard half day 4×4 tour

For guests who want a comfortable walk to great views over the stunning Wadi Sabet combined with the main tourist attractions of Wadi Rums Protected Area.

4. Jebel Hash combined with Burdah Rock Bridge

For those who are intent of hiking for the full day this is a good combination of 2 different routes that offer different experiences and both provide stunning views of their respective areas. Be aware of the physical requirements to spend the full day exerting energy in the desert.

5. Rakhabat Canyon combined with standard half day 4×4 tour

This is a technical route that requires good confidence and agility and the availability of guides capable of navigating the long narrow gorge.

Pricing for all options above:

Full day: JOD70 per person*

[3ppl – JOD50 each, 4ppl+ – JOD40 each]

*minimum 2 people for scrambling activities

*all full day activities include lunch