Burdah Rock Bridge

For many, it is enough to see this magnificent structure from a distance. Of the tons of ancient rock found throughout Wadi Rum, much has already been eroded away. The wind has carved twisted and jagged shapes out of the softer pockets of granite and sandstone. Among the most distinctive of these features are the rock bridges—and among the most striking of these natural arches is Burdah Rock Bridge.

Burdah is the highest of all the stone arches in the area, and one of the highest in the world. It is 80 metres high! The climb to reach it takes around three hours, with another couple to get to the top of the mountain itself. But once there, the desert and its many mountains spread around you like an impressive painting. Cool wind hurtles through the rock passages; the marbled granite and sandstone mountains appear like  giant, above-ground coral reef with their pockmarked caves and deep fissures. Should you choose to stay the night with one of our guides, we can provide comfortable overnight sleeping equipment to set up underneath the stars. With zero light pollution, the black sky above explodes with the light of distant galaxies. An uncountable scattering of brilliant, silver stars.

Burdah Rock Bridge can be seen on the full day 4×4 tour. Additional time is required to climb the rock bridge. This can be combined with a half day tour to make a full days activity. Alternatively Burdah Rock Bridge is an option for a stand alone half day scrambling activity. The bridge is located 10km west of the Arabian Nights Camp or 15km journey to Wadi Rum Village. It is at the northern end of Jebel Burdah with GPS coordinates 29.473505N, 35.500063E.


  1. Highest rock bridge in the area, and one of the highest in the world at 80 metres.
  2. The plateau above offers Wadi Rums best stargazing location.