Jebel Um Ishrin

Jebel Um Ishrin along with Jebel Rum flank Wadi Rum valley. The steep red sandstone cliffs of these two mountains are what make Wadi Rum red desert famous. Jebel Rum is slightly higher and has a larger surface area which ensures it has significant water sources at its springs. Despite the appeals of Jebel Rum, Jebel Um Ishrin is equally impressive for its cliffs and is only a few metres short of the peak of Jebel Rum.

Among the impressive cliffs of Jebel Um Ishrin is  Seven Pillars of Wisdom. This  is one of Wadi Rum’s best recognised rock formations. As visitors approach Wadi Rum Valley, the large mountains of Jebel Rum and Jebel Um Ishrin appear. The Seven Pillars at the entrance to the valley provide a picturesque starting point.

It is possible to cross Jebel Um Ishrin on a trekking tour through Rakhabat Canyon. This is a technical route that reaches high above the valley and offers spectacular views over Wadi Rum.

South of  Jebel Um Ishrin offer great views of the valleys either side of the mountain.  The towering vertical stature of the mountain is apparent. To the south of the mountain, Khor al Ajram forms the crossing point between the valleys and many of the tourist attractions.

GPS coordinates are: 29.591667, 35.443333.


  1. Jebel Um Ishrin is a similar height to Jebel Rum and forms one side of the Wadi Rum valley. At its northern end it forms the Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
  2. The sandstone cliffs of Jebel Um Ishrin are Wadi Rums most notable attraction. A technical route through Rakhabat canyon offers spectactular views over Wadi Rum.

Um Ishrin and Khor al Ajram