Little Bridge

Wadi Rum has three well known rock arches; Burdah Rock Bridge, Um Frouth Rock Bridge and Little Bridge. The smallest of those, ‘Raqabat al Wadak’,  is  commonly known as ‘Little Bridge’. Little Bridge is a landmark at the centre of the Red Desert sites of Wadi Rum. It enjoys views over the intersection of the major valleys in Wadi Rum known as Khor al Ajram. The rock bridge is 4 metres above the rocks below and around 7 metres above the valley floor, therefore making it relatively easy to climb for visitors. 

The Little Bridge is included on both the half and full day tours due to its convenient central location. It is also accessible from Arabian Nights camp by foot in under 1 hour. In high season it gets busy with many tourists visiting at the same time. This site has a view of the sunset, with the surrounding rocks, sand, and sky rapidly shifting colours as the sun slips behind the mountains. Although it is the easiest location to reach from the camp for sunset, our full day tours and sunset tours go to Um Mugur which provides a better vantage unobscured by the cliffs.

Um Ishrin Wadi Rum

Climbing Little Bridge

It is easy to climb to the top of the Little Bridge. You can walk across the natural stone archway that connects two larger rocks. Perfect for the traveller who wants a taste of adventure without going too high! The rock bridge is only a few metres high, however care must be taken while on top. There is a wide passage to walk across with little risk of falling if you are being sensible. However visitors have injured themselves attempting to jump in a dangerous manner while on the top for photo opportunities. Therefore, take care!

The GPS coordinates are 29.520406, 35.443017.


  1. Little Bridge is the smallest of three regularly visited rock arches in Wadi Rum along with Um Frouth and Burdah
  2. The name ‘Raqabat al Wadak’ means a pleasant overview, referring to its vantage over the vast open area of Khor al Ajram