Looking from the ground up at Um Frouth Rock Bridge it’s impossible not to feel awe at this impressive structure, a massive stone slab balanced between two tall peaks. It’s a bit of a scramble to the top, up a smooth slope and along a rocky edge, but once you reach it the views are even more impressive than from below. Leave your camera with somebody on the ground and get them to snap a picture of you silhouetted against the endless sky.

To help you on the way up, there are multiple hand and footholds cut out of the rock that make climbing easier. These footholds are not natural, but were made by Bedouin guides to aid tourists reach the bridge. The Bedouin inhabitants use this area for for grazing livestock in the spring, and themselves have little need for the footholds. Amongst our people we believe that we Bedouin naturally have no fear of heights and are excellent climbers, much like natural characteristics of other ethnicities, be it hair colour or height. All Bedouin men are able to scale the side of the rocks where there is no clear path without any climbing aide. See if you can get a local to demonstrate while you’re here for a real sense of desert adventure!

Um Frouth Rock Bridge is included on the standard 4×4 tours and is located around 5km from Arabian Nights Camp or 15km from Wadi Rum Village. It is the second highest rock bridge in the Protected Area after Burdah and is a popular location for visitors on a quick visit to Wadi Rum. The GPS coordinates are 29.468728N, 35.449232E.


  1. Bedouin people have a natural ability to climb these rocks, something we believed is developed from centuries living in this landscape.
  2. Footholds in the rock are recently carved and were made for the use of tourists. Bedouins do not require these to ascend to the bridge.