Umm Ad Dami

At the edge of the Wadi Rum desert and less than 3 kilometres from the border with Saudi Arabia, this magnificent behemoth stands tall as the very peak of Jordan — it is 1854 metres above sea-level, the country’s highest point. From a distance, you can take in its enormous width as well as its height; the rock sprawls across the sand like a sleeping animal, at once ready to wake and defend Jordan’s beloved land.

The climb is not overly difficult, but it is still recommended you go with a guide to avoid taking a wrong turn along the mountain’s many scrambling routes. Shield yourself from the sun; there are few shelter spots here, and with the lack of flora and fauna, the sky itself becomes a vital part of the landscape. On a clear day, the reward for reaching the brightly tattered flag that flutters at the top is an unparalleled view. Smaller mountains break the rolling ocean of sand below. Marvel at the vast deserts in Saudi Arabia to the south, while to the north, the Wadi Rum desert is spreads before you like a finally-completed tapestry.

Um Ad Dami is deep within the Protected Area over 30 kilometres off road from Wadi Rum Village. It is a popular half day scrambling activity but when combined with the journey is a full day undertaking. It forms part of our Hidden Wadi Rum Package as it steps away from the regularly touristed sites of the region and combines well with equally impressive but less visited sites of Wadi Sabet, Cow Rock, Al Qattar and Nuqra. The GPS coordinates are 29.307455N, 35.432932E.


  1. Jordans highest point!
  2. Um Ad Dami is considered to have been a protector of Wadi Rum from the Arab nations to the south for centuries.