More of Arabian Nights & Wadi Rum

We offer more than just a nights accommodation in Wadi Rum. We want to have an impact on our guests and on our community. This camp is striving to push the barriers and improve the standards of all aspects of life in Wadi Rum. We want to use our platform to make a change for the better and we welcome conscientious visitors to join us and share their appreciation of these unique desert landscapes that we are fortunate to call home.

We are forever trying to develop our offering and provide meaningful content for our guests. It is our hope that we can contribute to a greater global understanding of our often misconstrued lives. As desert nomads, Arabs and Muslims we are misrepresented by the global media. We hope that we can impact changes in that perception through our interaction with our guests. We also aim to provide information about the various aspects of Wadi Rum in the hope that it will help people better understand us and our lives.

Aiming to have an impact

There are a number of initiatives that we are undertaking with the intention of growing our influence and ensuring that as time passes:

  • Visitors to Wadi Rum increasingly understand the culture, history and significance of our country, our people, our religon and our perspective
  • The Bedouin community continues to take responsibility for the preservation of the natural beauty of the Protected Area as well as for our culture and people
  • We use our platform and our camp to inform and educate those whom we interact with to be better global citizens

Please see the links below to discover supplementary information that we feel could be of interest to guests. We also encourage you to scan our menu in the top right of every page for other topics we cover. We welcome any feedback you may have about topics that you would be interested for us to write about or elaborate on. Send us a message through our enquiry form.