Wadi Rum tours and activities

Your Wadi Rum tours will be among the highlights of your travels in Jordan. For those considering what things to do in Wadi Rum we provide information and prices on all tours and activities. Wadi Rum desert tours are a highlight of many visitors and the 4×4 or jeep tours are a must. For those considering which places to see during their visit to Wadi Rum and planning an itinerary, how many days you have will be an important consideration and you will need to prioritise your interests.

The Wadi Rum Protected Area is 740 square kilometres, the landscape is varied with opportunities to see steep red sandstone cliffs, vast dunes and picturesque valleys. This is complemented by various unique sites that highlight the history and culture of the region.

Things to do in Wadi Rum:

Wondering what to do in Wadi Rum?

  1. All visitors should start with Wadi Rum 4×4 tours which provide the best way to explore the attractions of the Protected Area efficiently. Due to the size and rough terrain it is most popular to explore both the tourist sites and the wilderness area.
  2. With history of camel caravans passing through the regions arid terrain this is also a popular option. Visitors can experience the historic way that our ancestors travelled and traded on a Wadi Rum camel tour. Camel tours are not an effective way of visiting the vast area of Wadi Rum but are a memorable addition to the 4×4 tours.
  3. Hiking and Trekking is popular a Wadi Rum tour option, locations include; Umm Ad Dami (Jordans highest point), Burdah Bridge (Wadi Rums highest natural rock archway) and others.
  4. Sandboarding is a fun activity for adrenaline seekers and the most efficient way to descend a dune. This can be included on most Wadi Rum tours.
  5. Sunrise and sunset offer some of the best photo opportunites as the rocks change colour and cast shadows over the desert terrain.
  6. Stargazing is not specifically a Wadi Rum tour but is extremely popular. Wadi Rum offers one of the best star viewing locations in the northern hemisphere. High altitude, low light pollution and year round clear skies combine to impress visitors with the number of stars visible to the naked eye.
  7. Sunrise ballooning tours in Wadi Rum allow visitors an opportunity to float over the desert landscapes at its calmest hour.
  8. For guests interested in the history of the area we offer a tour of Wadi Rum that explores the various inscriptions found in the area from the neolithic images through to the various Arabic scripts.
  9. For guests interested in the Bedouin culture of Wadi Rum we have a nomad’s of Wadi Rum tour which explores our semi nomadic herding lifestyle.
  10. Additionally we offer packaged options that include all meals, accommodation and activities for visitors of varied interests.

Create your own Wadi Rum Tours

This page will help you on the journey from what to do in Wadi Rum to planning your own experience.

There are standard Wadi Rum tour circuits through the Protected Area that cover the main highlights of the valley. These are perfect for visitors on a short trip who want to see all the highlights. For visitors who enjoy gaining a deeper understanding of their destination, we aim to provide all the relevant information and assist in designing a custom experience for you. We have lived in the region from birth and have an intimate understanding of the area. If you have specific interests please inform us and we can arrange the tour accordingly.

Find images above provide links to all the Wadi Rum tour offerings. This information will allow you to plan what things to do in Wadi Rum. We also have information on all the attractions in Wadi Rum that will help you decide what places to visit in Wadi Rum.