Wadi Rum desert of a million stars!

Although Wadi Rum is best known for its trademark UNESCO draw cards of its natural beauty with unique sandstone cliff formations scattered through its barren desert landscapes and its cultural significance with its old world petroglyphs, location on the fringes of many of the worlds greatest empires and a hub of Bedouin culture. Many guests highlight of their visit is of the experience when the stars show their beauty over Arabian Nights camp.

Wadi Rum is elevated at 1,000 metres with clear nights skies majority of the year, as such it combines  to provide visibility for one of the best stargazing experiences in the world. By night you get a clear view of the Milky Way streaking across the sky, and will recognise satellites passing overhead, shooting stars and volumes of stars paralleled only in the Atacama Desert. We will help you recognise planets and constellations and provide you with some different significances of stars from their relevance in the Arab world.

The stars can be appreciated within our camp with no light pollution and various comfortable viewing locations, guests are free to move around the camp during their stay so can take the opportunity to patiently absorb the performance taking place overhead at any time of their convenience.

Stargazing at Arabian Nights is so memorable it is number 2 on our best things to do in Wadi Rum List!

Slow exposure photo of stars in Wadi Rum desert

Sleeping under the stars

We offer opportunities for guests to sleep around a campfire in isolated areas of the Protected Area. This is incorporated into some multi-day activities but also available to guests as a stand alone experience. Whether you have limited experience camping in remote locations or you are fanatical about it, this is an amazing experience. The Wadi Rum Protected Area has a number of cave dwellings scattered throughout and your guide will take you to an appropriate location dependent on weather, time of year and wind direction. We will provide you with all the equipment you require for a comfortable nights sleep and your guide will cook you dinner over a campfire. This is a trully memorable experience you can share with your Bedouin guide and hear stories and search for shooting stars are you fall asleep.

Tour includes:

  • Transport to/from remote sleeping location
  • Overnight guide
  • Campfire cooked dinner prepared by guide
  • Equipment to ensure all guests sleep comfortably


  • This can be packaged with other daytime tours and activities

Price: JOD40 per person*

[3ppl – JOD35, 4ppl+ – JOD30]

*minimum 2 people

wadi rum desert milky way

Find constellations while enjoying the night sky

Because of the optimal conditions, Wadi Rum provides one of the best locations for stargazing in the northern hemisphere. You may be suprised by the number of stars visible to the naked eye. For most viewers the conditions will allow you to see several multiples of your usual naked eye visibility. This provides a great opportunity to just enjoy the beauty. It also allows for a great opportunity to observe the milky way, meteor showers and other activity. Additionally it provides a great oppotunity to identify constellations and navigational stars. We have created information that our visitors can use to aid them in finding the famous formations that fill the night sky each night.

We provide introductory information about the basics of stargazing. Also we have detailed information about finding specific constellations including the north star, big dipper and orion’s belt. As constellations are only available at certain times in the year you can use this information to learn which constellations you should be looking for. The explanations are detailed and provide additional key information and history of the constellations. We have a page that outlines the best constellations to search for and when you will be able to see them. If you browse the pages you can have a simple understanding of the stars and practice finding the constellations at home before you arrive to see them in all their glory.