Al Ramal Red Sand Dune

Among the vast expanses of rust-coloured sand in the Wadi Rum desert, the Red Sand Dune, or ‘Al Hasany’ in Arabic. Officially named Al Ramal it has become better known by its descriptive name. It stands out against a cliff side like it is part of the mountain. Coloured red by the presence of iron oxide, this dune is fine and soft underfoot making it the perfect to walk up barefoot! Bedouin children have fun racing up and down the tall slopes, as well as rolling or sliding from its peak to its base. One activity our Bedouin guides are happy to share with guests is sandboarding! Sand is more difficult to ride than snow or ice as the due to higher traction. However, accomplished boarder’s can maneuver without difficulty. Sitting, you can skid all the way from top to bottom on a toboggan ride like no other.

A taxing accent with the sand undermining your climb as it falls away from underneath your feet. Once you reach the top of the dune, amazing panoramic views of the valley below greet you as a reward for your climb. This is the area where many shots from the acclaimed film Lawrence of Arabia were taken, and it’s easy to see how a cinematographer’s eye could be captured by this breathtaking landscape.

The Red Dune is visited on both the half day and full day 4×4 tours. It is located around 5km south of Wadi Rum Village in the Protected Area at the northern end of Jebel Khazali. The Red Sand Dune is a good location to view sunrise and is only 4km from Arabian Nights Camp. The GPS Coordinates are 29.528984N, 35.421672E.


  1. The dune is strikingly red from the high concentration of iron oxide in the particles.
  2. The valley below viewed from the top of the mountain was a key filming location in Lawrence of Arabia.