Who faces isolation and quarantine?

Currently all visitors to Jordan are required to undergo a period of self isolation. 7 days for all arrivals regardless of country of departure.

Currently no quarantine free travel for visitors from green countries

Unfortunately in the current environment the quarantine free travel is not applicable to any visitors. Previously provided visitors meet all of the requirements of entry and return a negative test on arrival. They were able to travel unrestricted throughout the country, this process may return once transmissions reduce.

Isolation requirements for each country category


All visitors are required to undergo 7 days of home isolation from the date of their arrival. The process is designed to allow visitors to undergo their isolation in circumstances which are suitable for them and at a cost that is within their means. As such:

  • Visitors arrange their own accommodation for the period of self isolation
  • Visitors arrange their own transport from their arrival point to the registered address of isolation
  • It is the responsibility of the visitor to ensure they remain in their registered location for the duration of the isolation period and significant fines and punishments apply to anyone found not to be compliant
  • Random checks may be performed to ensure compliance with requirements

Quarantine Requirements

Provided visitors meet all the entry requirements and test positive quarantine will not be required. Quarantine procedures are in place for visitors who do not meet all of the travel requirements listed above.

Since reopening the requirements have been adjusted in line with global shifts in the pandemic. For any passenger who test positive they will face specific hospitalisation and quarantine procedures. Below is the isolation requirements for visitors who test negative.

Applicable to arrivals who test positive at the airport in Amman:

  • quarantine at hotel facility arranged by the  government, with follow up testing before release. The costs of the quarantine must be paid by the visitor.

Positive Covid-19 test and contact passengers

If your airport Covid-19 test is positive you will be transferred to a hospital for treatment at your own expense. As travel insurance is required for entry it is best to make sure to purchase travel insurance that will cover this.

If you are seated within 2 rows of any passenger who tests positive, you have the option to either leave the country or undergo institutional quarantine for 7 days. You will be retested at the end of your quarantine period.

Quarantine procedure and cost

Arrivals can quarantine at a location of their choosing. They can either stay at their home or any paid accommodation, however they will be required to remain at the premises for 7 days. At the completion of their quarantine they will need to go to an approved lab and take an additional PCR test.

aerial view of Arabian Nights bedouin camp in Wadi Rum desert