Sandboarding is much like taking to the snow and uses the same equipment. The desert can offer thrills as you carve a path down a sand dune. Wadi Rum has a number of large soft sand dunes that offer a great opportunity for thrill seekers to get their fix while visiting the desert. The red sand provides for particularly great photo opportunities as riders kick up sand, while turning sharply in the soft sand.

Sandboarding is a fun activity and because of the soft sand is very safe. However, all visitors should take care and control their speed. The sand has more friction than snow and naturally controls riders speed. Accomplished board riders are impressive to watch. But unlike snow, beginners often have more issues in generating speed than losing control. Normally the greatest issue when falling, is the difficulty in getting the sand out of your clothes.

Includes: Transport and sandboard


  • This can be packaged with accommodation and other tours
  • Camel ride returning to camp or village

Price: FREE if combined with tour or JOD20 without tour.