Views from your Traditional Bedouin tent

We have traditional Bedouin tents for our guests to sleep during their visit to Wadi Rum. This accommodation is simple and authentic, reflecting the closest options available in Wadi Rum to our traditional way of life. Culturally we sleep on the ground in large communal spaces however for the comfort of guests these are private tents with beds.

Our traditional tents are comfortable and secure and offer stunning views through the valley. They are completely fabric structures with metal frames similar to the tents which we relocate as required.

views of wadi rum desert protected area from your bed

Tradition and Comfort

The traditional Bedouin tents are raised from the ground to ensure cleanliness and maximum separation from the elements. During Summer it also allows air circulation around the tent to help the desert breeze cool the tents in the evening. The goat wool fabric acts as a great insulator with the addition of the canvas and secondary internal fabric layer insures a barrier to the elements. Bedouin tents in Wadi Rum remain basic options but offer significantly greater barrier to the external climate than modern camping tents. All tents have electricity and beds with linen, pillows and warm blankets for the cold desert night for all guests.

Guests in the traditional Bedouin tents will have access to the nearby shared bathroom facilities. They are gender segregated with western toilets and showers with hot water at specified times.

family or group tent with large window and view

Accommodation prices with breakfast and dinner

Double or Twin Rooms

There are 4 tents which are 9sqm, traditionally decorated and with large windows to enjoy views through the valley. These tents are available as either Double or Twin options and can accommodate up to 2 guests.

25JOD for 1 person

45JOD for 2 people

Group or Family Rooms

There are 2 family tents of 16sqm, with Bedouin fabric, sheepskin rugs and stunning views. These tents are equipped with 1 double bed and 3 single beds to accommodate up to 5 people.

65JOD for 3 people

85JOD for 4 people

105JOD for 5 people

Wadi Rum Packages are available for all guests who combine tours, accommodation and meals. Refer to packages on website or make an enquiry through email or by reservation.

See here for luxury tent with private bathroom or dormitory options.

Shared bathroo \m sign - Mens and Womens sign for segregated bathrooms