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How to get to Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum Rest House (GPS: 29.578166, 35.419819)

All public transport and taxis, except JettBus, arrive to the Wadi Rum Rest House. It is the first building you will see on your right as you reach Wadi Rum Village. The rest house was established by the community as a meeting place in Wadi Rum. The location has free off-street parking for visitors driving their own transport or rental car. There is also a comfortable seated greeting area with restaurant for guests to meet their hosts.
It should be noted that the visitor centre is 3km outside of the village and is not a good location to disembark from your transport.

Asphalt road access

Wadi Rum is located in Southern Jordan. Approximately 1 hour drive north from Aqaba or 4 hours drive south from Amman. The Desert Highway runs between Jordan’s port city of Aqaba in the Red Sea and the capital in Amman. The Wadi Rum intersection is nearby the village of ‘Ar Rashidiyah’. It is well marked, and from there it is only 20 minutes further west to Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum Village is connected to the national road network by good quality asphalt roads. It is the main arrival point for visitors exploring the UNESCO listed Protected Area. From the village, there are no roads further into the desert. Camps must be accessed by sandy tracks. Visitors can be collected at Wadi Rum Village Rest House by arranging with the camp.

Rental cars offer the most flexibility for visitors who are comfortable driving in Jordan. Intercity taxi transport is convenient and affordable. Public transport options are limited and schedules will need to adjust to timings.

Consider your itinerary

Amman is not well connected to Wadi Rum. Visitors who are travelling through southern Jordan will find it easier to first visit Petra or Aqaba. Both locations have multiple daily services to Amman. Itineraries of Aqaba-Wadi Rum-Petra or the reverse are the most conducive to public transport connections.

Amman to Wadi Rum by Taxi

The most convenient option from Amman is with a taxi but will cost from JOD110 and take 3.5 hours.

Amman to Wadi Rum by Bus

The most affordable and frequent transport options leave from 7th Circle. There are a number of buses that travel along the Desert highway to Aqaba. The fastest, most direct and most reputable option is JETT Bus, however they will not allow any passengers to disembark along the journey (i.e. Wadi Rum intersection). They leave seven times throughout the day at a cost of JOD9 and take 4 hours (2 services are VIP and charge JOD19).

Alternatively there are a number of other companies who are more flexible. Other operators are less reliable with departure times but will allow you to disembark at the Wadi Rum intersection. Price is JOD8 and travel time is 5 hours

The final option is a shared taxi services. They operate later in the evening when buses have stopped running. There is no set schedule, leaving when full (4 passengers). The price is JOD12 and takes 3.5 hours to reach the Wadi Rum intersection.

An alternative from Amman is to first take transport to Maan. Maan, which is 80km before the Wadi Rum intersection, is not well serviced and therefore can prove complicated. From there any transport heading south will allow you to disembark at the Wadi Rum intersection.

Wadi Rum to Amman

Unless taking a taxi for JOD110, poor connection makes it most convenient to first travel to Aqaba.

Petra to Wadi Rum by Taxi

Taxi is the most convenient transport and should cost JOD45.

Petra to Wadi Rum with local bus

There is a daily shuttle bus that leaves Wadi Musa at 6am each day except Friday. You can arrange with your hotel, or travel agent in Petra the day prior. The cost of the Petra shuttle bus is JOD9. The shuttle bus arrives to Wadi Rum at 8:30am. The return journey from Wadi Rum to Petra departs at 9:00am and is JOD9.

Petra to Wadi Rum with JettBus

There is an additional bus that leaves at 10am and is operated by JettBus. The cost of the bus is JOD15. Unlike most transport which arrives to the Rest House, Jettbus terminates the service at the Visitor Centre, which is 3km outside of Wadi Rum Village.

Grouping with other tourists

Due to the relative cost, we try to form groups to share a taxi where possible. If this can not be arranged, our morning transport from the camp is aligned with the Petra shuttles departure.

Aqaba to Wadi Rum by Taxi

The most convenient option from Aqaba is a taxi, costing JOD25 and taking 1 hour. Contact us in advance and we can arrange a reliable driver. You only need to specify a time and location in Aqaba.

The taxi price is an additional JOD5 to south beach.

Aqaba to Wadi Rum by Bus

There are 2 buses daily that connect Aqaba to Wadi Rum.

The morning bus operated by JettBus leaves Aqaba at 08:00. It collects passengers from Tala Bay, Divers Village or the JettBus office. The cost is JOD12. The local afternoon bus leaves Aqaba Bus Station every day excluding Friday at 13:00 and costs JOD9. Returning Wadi Rum to Aqaba, the bus departs at 6:30am the following morning. The local bus prioritises local passengers as it is the only option. From Aqaba there is always space, but it can be full from Wadi Rum.

Grouping with other tourists

It is more economical for 3+ guests to take a taxi than bus. As such we attempt to group guests where possible.

Aqaba to Wadi Rum by Taxi

There is no public transport operating to Aqaba airport. Taxis can take passengers directly to/from King Hussein International in 1 hour. We are able to assist guests in arranging a taxi in either direction at a cost of JOD30.

Wadi Rum to Aqaba airport
If not taking a taxi directly to the airport, you can take transport to Aqaba downtown. There are no airport buses, however a taxi can be arranged for JOD8.

Aqaba border to Wadi Rum by Taxi

There is no public transport available at the Wadi Araba border. It is a long walk to the city proper from Jordanian immigration. Taxis are charged fees if they enter the border area and therefore prices are inflated. We can arrange transport for guests from the Wadi Araba border at a cost of JOD40. Transport can also be arranged from Wadi Rum to the Aqaba border.

Eilat to Aqaba crossing

Travellers are able to make their way solo across the border between Eilat and Aqaba. Visas are available on arrival. It is a quick and easy process. Flo Shuttle offers services that transport passengers across the border between designated pickup points. This chaperone service is unnecessary but gives piece of mind to some travellers. The shuttle prevents the need for transport on either side of the border.

Eilat to Wadi Rum

There is no public transport from the Wadi Araba border and it is 10km walk to reach the city proper. We do not arrange international transport, but can collect guests at either the Jordanian side of the Wadi Araba border or at Aqaba city. See the information provided above for details.

For assistance with arranging taxis please contact us on whatsapp or email prior of your planned departure.

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