Wadi Rum Camel Experiences

Camels were used for millennia as the primary form of transport linking Asia to Europe through the Middle East. In the past centuries shipping and trains have superseded this traditional form of transport. If you want to get a feel for how our world was linked and the mode of transport all intercontinental commerce used until recent times, Wadi Rum is the perfect location to experience this. Wadi Rum landscapes are iconic representations of the arabian peninsula as the junction of the three old world continents, and the are provides a safe, tourist friendly opportunity to gain an understanding of the region. Additionally the area which has received UNESCO World Heritage Listing for its natural beauty is one of the most memorable and picturesque landscapes to undertake this experience.

For multiday tours an additional camel is required for luggage and other equipment.

Camel transport is so significant in the imagery of trans asian trading routes, Lawrence of Arabia’s WW1 rebellion, and Nomadic lifestyle on the Arabian peninsula that it is number 3 on our list of best things to do in Wadi Rum!


Camels travelling through valley  in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Camel Journey – Village to Camp

This is a one way journey available in both directions and creates a powerful experience of setting off with your camel into the desert, the serenity of the valley where the camp is located provides a perfect constrast to the busy spring on the edge of the village. Travelling either from the busy oasis surrounded by the camels and their handlers ad venturing into the gradually more isolated desert until you reach the camp or inversely setting off from the quiet valley where the camp is located and making your way back towards the busier spring.

We highly recommend this as the best experience for our guests who want to experience travelling by camel, and feel that it provides a much more authentic experience than the alternate round trip options. 

The tour does not include site visits and is intended to provide an experience of travelling through the arabian desert.

The journey between the camp and the oasis alongside the village is between 2 and 3 hours.

Includes camel and guide. 

Price from JOD40 p/p

Camel tour Wadi Rum, camels collecting at lawrence spring

Short Camel Rides

We offer customised short rides on camel back that allow guests to incorporate a camel ride into a limited time in Wadi Rum.

It is important to note that camels travel slowly and are not an efficient way of seeing the landmarks of the protected area on a regular tourist itineary. These camel rides are rather intended to be a supplementary experience to a 4×4 tour which allows guests to visit the landmarks that are spread across the large Protected Area.

Includes camel and guide. 


1 hour from JOD15 p/p

2 hours from JOD25 p/p

Half Day from JOD40 p/p

*tours of half day or less do not include meals

Bedouin riding lone camel through the desert, Wadi Rum

Full Day Camel Tour

Camels travel slowly, they are extremely efficient at travelling long distrances, however they move in a slow methodic way and therefore only cover short distances in a day. Muslims from the North-West of Africa travelled months round trip to complete the Haj with their camel caravans. We recommend to our guests 4×4 tours to efficiently see a large number of attractions during a short visit to Wadi Rum, however if you are comfortable to see fewer locations and cover less distance we have tours that offer camel back sightseeing in the protected area for 1 or more days

The 1 day tour incorporates a variety of landmark stops that are nearby on the journey between the camp and the village and are accessible by camel within this timeframe:

  • Lawrence Spring (a year round water source in the valley)
  • Khazali Canyon (including pre-christ Nabatean rock art)
  • Red Sand Dune
  • Khor al Ajram rock arch (natural rock bridge)

Includes: camels, saddle and riding equipment, lunch and local Bedouin camel handler and guide.

Options: This can be packaged with accommodation and other tours

Price from JOD60 p/p

*minimum 2 people

*price includes a simple packed lunch, guests have the option to upgrade to a traditional Qalih campfire cooked lunch for an additional JOD5 p/p

Bedouin riding lone camel through the desert, Wadi Rum

Multi-day Camel Tour

We offer customised multi-day camel tours for days ranging from 2 to 5 days. These itineraries that travel through the Wadi Rum Protected Area visit major attractions along their routes and on the longer journeys stay with the still nomadic herding families living within the Protected Area. The primary objective of these experiences is to provide an opportunity for guests to travel back in time and experience the lifestyle that was prevelant in the region up until the previous century.

These are amazingly unique experiences for guests to travel through the desert on camelback for several days and experience the one time commonplace transport of the Middle East and Central Asia. Each day will revolve around the preparation of the group for transport. Mornings will begin with breakfast followed by preparation and loading of the camels, the group will ride until the heat of the day will force an intermission where camels will be rested and rehydrated while the bedouin and guests will likewise rest, share tea, social and take lunch until the peak heat of the day passes.

Following this the second half of the travel will continue, until dusk where camp will be prepared each night. Various locations and experiences will form the itinerary and depend on the length of the journey but these experiences are primarily intended to allow guests to gain an understanding and appreciation for the camel caravans that were integral to world trade for the past millenia. 


  • All Meals
  • Camping and sleeping equipment
  • Camels, saddle and riding equipment
  • Local Bedouin camel handler and guide

Price from JOD70* per riding day p/p

plus JOD30* per overnight p/p

*minimum 2 people required for multiday tours