Places to see in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum and its sights are UNESCO listed for both natural beauty and cultural significance. The valley is famously known as the valley of the moon but offers many individual places of interest to visit. Although the Protected Area is large, there is a heavy concentration of worthwhile attractions. The broad range of appeal allows for a great visitor experience either on a single day visit or a multi-day adventure. Combine with overnight stays in traditional Bedouin camps to make the experience complete!

The best known attractions are highlighted on the Wadi Rum tourist map, and we offer further information below on the major sites and regions. When planning what places to visit it is important to consider the locations because of the vastness of the Protected Area. 4×4 tours offer the best opportunity to cover the expanses and see the most with limited time. Things to see in Wadi Rum can be considered individually but need to be incorporated into a practical itinerary to visit the desert.

Wadi Rum is separated into two distinct areas, the red desert which forms the north western section and the white desert forming the south eastern part. Therefore, it is good to plan ahead and prepare yourself for the trip, ensuring you get the most out of it! An ideal itinerary would allow for a day to see the best places in the red desert on a full day and visit the best places in the white desert on a separate day.

Whether you had a friend who told you about the multiple appeals of Khazali Canyon. Or have an interest in climbing to the huge Burdah Rock Bridge with its views over the surrounding valleys. It could be that you want to take respite from the desert heat at Al Shallaleh Spring. Maybe you are interested in the ancient Anfashieh Inscriptions. Whatever your interests, we provide an explanation of all the major sights in Wadi Rum below.

Best places to visit in Wadi Rum

Arabian Nights recommendation of the top 5 attractions to see in Wadi Rum:

  1. Seven Pillars of Wisdom
  2. Khazali Canyon
  3. Um Frouth Rock Bridge
  4. Siq Nuqra
  5. Anfashieh Inscriptions

Wadi Rum Attractions

What to see in Wadi Rum?

It is natural before your travels to wonder what you should see along your way. This page gives you a comprehensive list of all the attractions in Wadi Rum. From here you can decide which places interest you and build an itinerary for your visit to Wadi Rum.

The links above provide explanations and important information for all places of interest in Wadi Rum. Some are well known tourist sites and others more remote locations that offer unique view or memorable treks. Whatever your interests are you will find something that appeals to you among the many things to see in Wadi Rum.

See the places that interest you during your visit to Wadi Rum

For visitors who want an overall experience we have created some packages that highlight the best parts of Wadi Rum. The 4×4 tours are your best option to visit the maximum number of sites during a a short visit to Wadi Rum. We recommend conscientious travelers to read about the places to see in Wadi Rum and chose their favourites. You can then contact us with any specific interests you have and we will modify the tour itineraries to suit you.