Bedouins of Arabian Nights

We are happy to have you stay with us during your visit to Jordan. We hope that during your time in Wadi Rum we are able to show you our culture. Our religion, lifestyle, location and culture of hospitality are all important to us. We are fortunate to gain an understanding of the world around us through our visitors. We also consider it our responsibility to educate visitors about the various aspects of Bedouin life in Wadi Rum.

We are your hosts during your stay and hope that we leave an impression on you. It is our goal that all of our guests can return to their homes and inform their friends about the many positive aspects of Islam, Nomadic culture and Arabic customs.

We will ensure you have a rewarding experience in Wadi Rum. We are brothers and cousins and manage all aspects of this family business. Our forefathers were proud of this land and we are glad to share it with you and do our part to ensure the ongoing prosperity and reputation of Wadi Rum.

We will share our lifetime of knowledge of Wadi Rum and use of intimate knowledge of the area during any activities you schedule. The accommodation we offer at the camp balances our traditional lifestyle with western comforts to ensure that all our guests enjoy their stay. We most look forward to the evenings where we sit around the fire with our guests, playing games and sharing stories.

We look forward to having you as our guest and look forward to making a impression on you that you will keep for the rest of your life.