Learn more about Wadi Rum

Guests are welcome to enjoy Wadi Rum desert with us here at Arabian Nights. Apart from succumbing to the the serene stillness of the desert we offer a broad range of activities for tourists. We also appreciate sitting around the campfire with our guests. Sharing stories and life experiences in our communal tent is a great experience for us and also for travellers from all over the world! 

Wadi Rum offers a variety of experiences for visitors:

  • Unique desert landscapes
  • Impressive natural rock formations
  • Insight into nomadic culture
  • Human history represented through Petroglyphs and temple ruins
  • Close quarters experience with a conservative Muslim community
  • Arabic desert hospitality and sweet tea
  • A serene and unique break from city life
  • Bedouin camping experience sleeping in Bedouin tents
  • New friends and cultural exchange

As well as a memorable experience we want to ensure that all our guests leave with a better understanding of our way of life. We achieve this each night while we socialise around the campfire. Additionally we provide information both in the camp and online so that guests can gain insight into our lives and better appreciate the context of the situation they find themselves in. As with any trip, the more prepared you are before the more you are likely to get out of it!

Below we cover some of the most interesting peripheral aspects of Wadi Rum. We welcome our guest to either learn about aspects of Wadi Rum prior to arrival or supplement your experience after visiting. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask us about our way of life or the history of Wadi Rum. We are proud of Wadi Rum and want to tell you about our home. Enjoy further reading below!