Wadi Rum Arabian Nights Bedouin Camp

Arabian Nights Bedouin Camp is always striving to improve; we endeavour to improve our:

  • guest experiences
  • camp facilities
  • positive impact on our community
  • natural environment and the Protected Area
  • awareness of Arabian Nights

As we grow we are increasingly being recognised online for the work we do and the experience we offer visitors to Jordan. The reviews of our guests across a variety of platforms speak for the offerings of our organisation. We aim to provide as much relevant information as possible on our website but understand third party reviews are meaningful for visitors considering their options.

airbnb feature on wadi rum bedouin camp

Airbnb Magazine Feature

Airbnb approached us with a desire to visit our camp and gain a first hand experience of our listing on their platform. They visited us with a feature writer; Breena, and photographer; Tara, after deciding to showcase our property in their airbnb magazine series. The unique experience we offer and the high quality feedback that we receive from airbnb guests drew their attention like it does the visitors to our camp. We welcome you to gain a greater insight into the camp and your host Shaker by reading the article.

We have 5 listings on Airbnb for each of our room types:

2P Luxury – 4P Luxury – 2P Traditional4P Traditional – Dormitory


Best Authentic Bedouin Camp

Our steadily improving offering is gaining awareness and improving our rank on TripAdvisor. We aim to maintain a small family run operation with an authentic atmosphere and maximum guest interaction. However, we believe we can compete with the larger, well financed and luxury offerings. Our aspiration is to be Wadi Rum’s most sought after accommodation and Bedouin experience.

wadi rum bedouin camp at base of sandstone cliffs
stars over bedouin camp in wadi rum desert

Kayak recommended attractions

Kayak features the camp as one of its recommended activities and attractions for visitors to Wadi Rum. You can read what Kayak has to say about the camp and Wadi Rum in general here.

Google and Social Media

We appreciate when our guests take the opportunity to share their experiences with others. It helps increase awareness of our offering and informs people about what is available when they visit Wadi Rum. Google listings help people get an idea of what to expect before they arrive. Please see what past guests have said about their stay at Arabian Nights. Please also remember to leave a review after you leave.

We additionally have social media pages on Facebook and Instagram where experiences of our guests are shared.


stars over bedouin camp in wadi rum desert
Travel magazine featuring Arabian Nights Wadi Rum

Other exposure

If you ever see us mentioned in any media please let us know. Here are some publications that have covered us in the past:

Polish Travel Magazine – Travel Polska