Destination Jordan

The Middle East continues to be a tempting travel option for people all around the world. The food, the vibrance and the history makes it hard to beat. The buzzing markets, the friendly people and the astonishing historic sights is in stark contrast to what is depicted in the media. For many reasons Jordan is the best option for travels in the Middle East. Is is safe to visit, both for male and female solo travellers. It is home to Petra; one of the 7 wonders of the world. It has retained its culture and pride itself with its hospitality, although being open to mass tourism for decades. In the south there is world famous Wadi Rum desert, which can be combined with world class diving in Jordan’s coastal town Aqaba. As such it attracts visitors from around the world and is an important opportunity for visitors to get exposure to the Arab world. There are not that many places in the world where travellers leave with a very different view from when they arrived!

As with any trip there are several things to consider in advance. Cost of travelling in the country and how to get to the destination in an economical fashion. For Jordan we also suggest that you research and consider the Jordan Pass and the Jordan trail. All of these topics we have covered in the articles below.