Arabic numbers

Arabic uses the same decimal system used across the world. The only difference is the symbols to represent each number. Therefore to understand written Arabic numbers you will only need to learn ten symbols.

Much like other languages the spoken numbers are slightly more complex with longer numbers having groupings. As will be familiar in your native language the additional elements to learn will be teens, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

Once you are familiar with the first 20 numbers the tens will offer a slight difference to Latin languages. For spoken Arabic numbers the singulars is pronounced before the tens. Eg. three thirty rather than thirty three.

1-10 in Arabic

0 Sifr

1 Wahed

2 Ithneen

3 Thalathe

4 Arba’a

5 Hamsa

6 Sitta

7 Saba’a

8 Thamaneeya

9 Tissa

10 Ashra

Arabic alphabet

Higher Arabic Numbers

11 Ahada-ashra

12 Itnai-ashra

13 Talatha-ashra

14 Arba’a-ashra

15 Hamsa-ashra

16 Sitta-ashra

17 Saba’a-ashra

18 Thamaneeya-ashra

19 Tiss’a-ashra

20 Ishroon

21 Wahed wa-ishroon

22 Ithneen wa-ishroon

30 T’alathoon

40 Arba’oon

50 Hamsoon

60 Sittoon

70 Saba’oon

80 Thamanoon

90 Tiss’ein

100 Miya

101 Miyat wa-wahed

111 Miyat wa-wahed-ashra

121 Miyat wa-wahed wa-ishroon

1000 Alf

2000 Alfein

100,000 Miyat Alf

1000000 – Milyun

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