Affordable Dorm in Beautiful Camp

Looking for a cheap Wadi Rum camp option? We enjoy the company of our dormitory guests very much. Guests that choose this option tend to be social and interested in our culture which we appreciate. Our aim is to offer an affordable Bedouin camp experience for visitors to Wadi Rum. The camp provides a comfortable camp experience and dormitory guests have all the same access to common areas. Most of your time will be spent in the communal tent interacting with us and other guests.

Within the camp, the communal Bedouin tent offers free tea, water and biscuits all day. Also we have a campfire and board games available so you can join us at any time.

bunk beds in dormitory with bedouin fabrics - Arabian Nights Bedouin camp Wadi Rum

Great Wadi Rum option on a budget

This is the camps cheapest option with facilities better than many hotels in Jordan. The Dormitory Bedouin tent has 14 bunk beds with lockers under each accommodating large groups. We aim to provide access to our camp for visitors to Wadi Rum that are searching for an affordable option. The camp is in an isolated location with no road access and as such you will require transport to the camp. This is provided free of charge for all guests who schedule an activity with us. Because there are no alternate options we quote all prices including breakfast and dinner.

Join us around the campfire in the evening where you will experience the social setting that you will be familiar with in European hostels.

Bedouin Group Tent at base of sandstone cliffs in Wadi Rum

Bed Prices with Breakfast and Dinner

Guests in the Bedouin dormitory tent will have access to the nearby shared bathroom facilities. They are gender segregated with western toilets and showers with hot water at specified times.

18JOD per/person

Cheaper options for longer stays or without meals. Enquire through email or by reservation.

See here for traditional tent or private bathroom options.

Mens and Womens sign for segregated bathrooms