Jordan Trail

The Jordan Trail is a long distance hiking route between Um Qais and Aqaba. The Jordan trail offers a great opportunity to get a better overall understanding of the country. Although not yet receiving the global attention of other long distance routes, the Jordan trail has all the ingredients to develop in its own right. Just to highlight a few of its appeals:

  • Significant religious sites of the three major monotheistic religions as it passes through the Jordan Valley
  • One of the Seven World Wonders
  • Passes through all of the major sites in Jordan
  • Crosses a variety of landscapes from wooded hills, river valleys, historic cities, expansive deserts, and finishing on the Red Sea coast
  • Walk famous routes of the past, this trail is a component of ancient trading routes. In addition to using many of the historic Hajj pilgrim routes, you will also pass the King’s highway, and the frankincense trail among others. These passages on the high roads above the Jordan valley were used by the Ottoman, Romans, Persian, Greek, Egyptian as well as the major empires of the fertile crest before them.

Logistics of the Jordan Trail

The total route is 650 kilometres and it is estimated to take 36 days to complete, depending on your planned route. It is possible to achieve the journey in significantly less time. However you should also allow for an opportunity to visit some of the iconic areas you will visit along the way.

To undertake the entire trail in one continuous journey, known as a ‘thru hike’, extensive planning is required. It is ideal to have a good idea of where you can access water and where you plan to spend each night. The northern section of the route can be done in individual sections. It travels through populated areas with access to water. Little planning is required to attempt these sections. It is possible to chose short sections for weekend walks using transport from Amman. The southern section passes through unpopulated desert areas with little water sources, therefore advanced planning is needed. These sections require some experience in monitoring exhaustion in desert climates and pre-planning for water provision.

We welcome you when you pass through Wadi Rum and will be happy to assist with anything you may need!

For more information on the trail visit the Jordan Trail website.

Jordan trail. al qattar spring in wadi rum

Visiting Wadi Rum

Our camp has long been admirers of how the Jordan Trail has developed as a route. We appreciate that it allows both Jordanians and foreign visitors to explore our country. We are fully supportive of the trail and endeavour to support those trekking the route in any way we can.

The Jordan Trail provides an example itinerary that breaks the journey into 35 legs starting from the north. The suggested route is from north to south and the 32nd stage ends in Wadi Rum. The proposed 32nd leg is only a 12km journey and ends in Wadi Rum Village. Our camp is in the parallel valley to the east. It can be reached by continuing south from the village. When the valley opens up our camp is in in the narrower valley on the east side of Jebel Khazali.

It is possible to camp overnight in the camp. We provide options for those trekking the Jordan trail to camp with their own gear and use our facilities for JOD5 per person. Otherwise anyone can book any of our accommodation options ranging from dormitory beds to luxury tents. The GPS coordinates are 29.50353, 35.436891.

We provide drinking water and sweet tea around the clock, we also have a simple first aid kit if required. Even if you are not staying the night with us do not hesitate to stop by and refill drinking water or ask for any assistance you may need. Meals and activities can be arranged as required.

Visit some of the attractions during your journey through Wadi Rum. We have provided an overview of all the major tourist sights including coordinate locations.