Al Ghuroub

Al Ghuroub is Arabic for sunset point. There are 2 official sunset points listed on the Wadi Rum Protected Area map, however they often become crowded. The main sunset point in Wadi Rum is on the western side of Um Sabatah. However there are many viewpoints with unobstructed views to the west.

With the large sandstone cliffs rising hundreds of metres above the valley floor, the main element that is critical for sunset locations is an open view to the west. South of Jebel Rum and al Qattar, the valley opens up, making locations around Um Sabatah popular. In fact the later geological formations in the white desert have eroded faster and are flatter ensuring that the southern part area of the Wadi Rum Protected Area has a variety of sunset viewpoints.

As the angle of the sun changes throughout the seasons in summer and winter, different sites become favourable. Cloud cover and wind can also play a factor in which locations offer the best sunset views on specific days.

un set over sandstone rock formations in wadi rum desert Jordan

Best sunset spot in Wadi Rum

We have a preferred location that rarely has other people at Um Mugur. The viewpoint overlooks Wadi Sabet and is above the valley floor providing added visibility. Throughout this area there are a number of good sunset viewpoints, however the particular location we visit is isolated and provides a peaceful desert sunset experience.

Sunset tours leave the camp every evening and can be shared between guests. Additionally all full day and afternoon half day tours end with at the sunset location.


  1. Al Ghuroub is not a specific location instead referring to any place where you can see the sunset
  2. With the increase in tourism the marked sunset points on the map have become overcrowded and are surrounded by many camps. Therefore it has become desirable to find lesser known locations where a peaceful sunset can be enjoyed without other people.