What is the value of the Jordan Pass?

Should you get the Jordan Pass?

If you are arriving to Amman and planning to visit Petra, you will certainly benefit. However if you are exempt from the visa fee you may not require the pass. Jordan borders in the special economic zone of Aqaba (Aqaba airport, Wadi Araba border crossing or Aqaba Port) are visa exempt.

The Jordan Pass is JOD70, with a single day access to Petra. As with Petra entry, each extra day adds JOD5. The question for people travelling to Jordan is… Is it worth JOD70 to me?

The visa fee for most nationalities is JOD40 (payable on arrival and excluding Aqaba, as mentioned above). Entry to Petra for a single day is JOD50. Petra by Night is not included in the Jordan Pass, as it privately operated.

The total value of Petra and visa alone is JOD90. Therefore, anyone visiting Petra and requiring a visa, saves JOD20+. Any additional site included in the pass will add further value but regardless you should buy the pass!

This should cover most visitors to Jordan, but for those who it does not read on…

interior bedouin tent with traditional elements

Jordan Pass included sites

If you do not need a visa but are planning to visit Petra, you will need to calculate the cost of the other sites you will visit. VisitJordan has a full list of sites and their fees. Jordan Pass has a full list of which sites it covers.

The difference between Petra entry and the Jordan Pass requires JOD20 worth of additional sites to be visited. If you are not planning to visit this many sites, it would be cheaper to pay at each site. If you are unsure, you may find it more convenient to have the pass as it streamlines the process. You will need to work out what sites interest you to decide if you should buy the pass!

Wadi Rum is a must see on your Jordan itinerary! Wadi Rum Protected Area entrance is JOD5 and is included in the Jordan Pass.

bedouin camp below sandstone cliff in wadi rum protected area

Not Visiting Petra?

If you have already been to Petra, it is unlikely that you will benefit from the Jordan Pass. Petra is a world wonder for a reason and we recommend to visit if you have the time.

Without Petra visitors who need to pay for a visa are unlikely to benefit. You would need to enter more than JOD30 in fee paying sites for it to be worthwhile. Otherwise if you do not need a visa and are not visiting Petra, you should not buy the pass!