What to See & Do in Wadi Rum!

You are here because you;

  • heard Wadi Rum is UNESCO listed for both its natural beauty and historical and cultural significance, or
  • had seen photos of Wadi Rum’s sandstone rock formations rising high above the soft sandy valleys, or
  • have seen one of the many award winning films that tell their stories set in Wadi Rum’s lanscapes, or
  • have been captivated by the legend of Lawrence of Arabia and want to explore the lands where those stories emerged from, or
  • were drawn to Jordan, which has maintained calmness and safety despite all the chaos that surrounds it. Then to Wadi Rum, only 2 hours from one of the Wonders of the World.

Regardless for your reasons to visit Wadi Rum, we will help you understand what to see and do. To ensure that you get the most out of your time in the desert of southern Jordan.

4x4 tour wadi rum protected area

 5 Things to do in Wadi Rum!

1. Stay in a Bedouin Camp

You have not experienced Wadi Rum until you have stayed overnight in a traditional Bedouin tent. An authentic experience of the culture of the semi-nomadic inhabitants of Wadi Rum first hand.

  2. Gaze up at the stars

With no light pollution, year round clear skies and altitude, Wadi Rum is one of the best locations in the world to enjoy the stars

  3. Ride a camel

Not only for the great photo opportunities but to experience the mode of transport that dominated these lands for millennia.

  4. Balloon over the martian landscape

It is an expensive way to see the landscapes of Wadi Rum. However the aerial view that shows the natural formations and vastness of the desert that can not be understood from the ground. It is a unique and unforgettable experience.

  5. Explore the rock formations on the back of a 4×4 excursion

The best way to see the most of the Wadi Rum Protected Area is on a 4×4 excursion to all of the major attractions

camel drinking at lawrence spring wadi rum with bedouin

5 Things to See in Wadi Rum!

1. Desert Views

Above all else Wadi Rum is famous for the photogenic scenery and diversity of stunning desert landscapes. They are best experienced from the back of an open top 4×4 excursion.

  2. Sandstone Cliffs

The formations carved into the rock through natural weathering is stunning. The cliffs have created amazing arrays of colours and textures as the sun passes overhead throughout the day.

  3. Traditional Zarb

Zarb cooking method is truly unique. It is interesting to watch the preparation of the large banquet meals, cooked underground. Watch your dinner uncovered from the earth in a cloud of steam.

  4. Ancient Petroglyphs

Wadi Rum has inscriptions spanning history, cultures and languages. There is Neolithic animal forms, script, and works by the Nabatean who built Petra. Wadi Rum inscriptions are among the best preserved ancient rock art in the world.

  5. Soft Sand 4×4 Driving

Whether you are an off-road enthusiast of this is your first time driving through sand you will appreciate the sandy tracks. Enjoy the skill of Bedouin drivers as they transport you throughout Wadi Rum. Soft sand driving is not as easy as it looks, don’t be fooled, has a knack to it.

stargazing wadi rum, clear skies, million stars

Best of Wadi Rum!

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