Which airlines are flying to Jordan?

Jordan’s airport opened for international flights on September 8th. Currently Queen Alia airport in Amman is receiving international flights, while King Hussein in Aqaba receives domestic flights. Gradually more airlines are offering connections to Jordan. Several flights have already arrived and proved that the arrival process is effective at Queen Alia International Airport. Every 2 weeks the green country list is being reviewed and expanded. As more countries are able to enter Jordan without quarantining, connections to those countries will increase. Read more about these easy steps to take before flying to Jordan. 

Below is the list of the current confirmed direct flights – we will expand the list as additional flights are announced.

Flights from Green Countries to Jordan

Austrian Airlines OS853 – Vienna (Green) – From JOD208 one way (flying Monday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday weekly)

Pegasus PC1712 – Ankara (Green) – From JOD139 one way (flying Thursday, Saturday & Sunday weekly)

Royal Jordanian RJ126 – Frankfurt (Green) – From JOD554 one way (flying Monday & Thursday weekly)

Royal Jordanian RJ134 – Larnaca (Green) – From JOD213 one way (flying every Saturday)

Royal Jordanian RJ168, RJ166 – Istanbul (Green) – From JOD340 one way (flying Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday weekly) 

Ryanair FR5068 – Milan Bergamo (Green) – From JOD9 one way (flying Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday weekly)

Ryanair FR6803 – Memmingen (Green) – From JOD23 one way (flying every Saturday)

Turkish Airlines TK812 – Istanbul (Green) – From JOD444 one way (flying every Friday)

Turkish Airlines TK814 – Istanbul (Green) – From JOD402 one way (flying every Wednesday)

Flights from other major airports

Etihad EY513- Abu Dhabi (Yellow) – From JOD253 one way (flying Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday weekly)

Etihad EY515 – Abu Dhabi (Yellow) – From JOD253 one way (flying Tuesday, Friday & Sunday weekly)

Emirates EK903 – Dubai (Yellow) – From JOD243 one way (flying daily)

FlyDubai FZ143 – Dubai (Yellow) – From JOD234 one way (flying Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday weekly)

Royal Jordanian RJ 506 – Cairo (Yellow) – From JOD 262 one way (flying Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday weekly)

Royal Jordanian RJ264 – Chicago (Red) – From JOD410 one way (flying Mondays)

Royal Jordanian RJ653, RJ3804 – Doha (Red) From JOD 367 one way (flying Thursday, Friday and Saturday weekly)

Royal Jordanian RJ 615 – Dubai (Yellow) – From JOD290 one way (flying Sunday, Monday and Tuesday weekly)

Royal Jordanian RJ112 – London (Yellow) – From JOD535 one way (flying Sunday and Wednesday weekly)

Royal Jordanian RJ262 – New York (Red) – From JOD640 one way (flying every Saturday)

Qatar Airways QR3277 – Doha (Red) – From JOD350 one way (flying every Wednesday)

Jazeera Airways J91251 – Kuwait (Red) – From JOD89 one way (flying every Saturday)

***All confirmed flights on 16th September – any additional confirmed flights will be added daily***

Aqaba King Hussein International Airport

Currently King Hussein Airport in Aqaba is only operating domestic flights from Amman. 

Wadi Rum desert, Jordan